Wenonah Swim Club By-Laws  and Pool Rules

We want all of our members and guests to have a fun and SAFE time at our club.

Wenonah Swim Club By-Laws

Pool Rules & Regulations

General Pool Rules

  1. No running on the pool deck
  2. No food on deck or in pool
  3. No chairs on the deck
  4. All persons under the age of 13 years of age will be required to take a band test to swim in the main pool unaccompanied by a parent
  5. All persons under the age of 13 years of age unable to pass the band test will be accompanied by a parent or responsible swimmer in the main pool (or at the edge of the pool on the apron)
  6. All persons under the age of 13 years passing the low band test will be allowed to swim in the main pool. Those swimmers may go off the lower diving board if a parent accompanies them on the apron of the dive well
  7. All persons under the age of 13 years passing the high band test will be allowed to swim in the main pool, and dive off both diving boards
  8. Diving is only allowed on the 5 foot end of the pool
  9. No patrons are allowed on starting blocks
  10. No balls allowed in main pool, including the diving well
  11. Life vests and swimmies are the only flotation devices permitted in the pool
  12. No rafts, inner tubes, noodles, inflatables, etc.
  13. No swimming across lap lanes.
  14. Lap lanes are only to be used by serious lap swimmers, band testing, and swim lessons
  15. Flippers can only be used in lap lane
  16. No hanging on lane lines or ropes
  17. Kick boards are to only be used for lap swimming
  18. Pool toys only permitted in the baby pool
  19. No jumping in the pool backwards and no flipping off the sides
  20. No rough housing in or around the pool – this includes no pushing, no dunking, no shoulder swimming, no arms around other’s necks, etc
  21. Do not allow kids on lifeguard stands

Diaper Rules

  1. Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water. Immediately report any “accidents” you observe in the bathing waters to a lifeguard
  2. In the Baby Pool, all children in diapers must wear diapers specially designed for immersion in water (such as swimming diapers)
  3. NO Diapers of any kind permitted in Main Pool
  4. Do not enter the water if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or have had any signs or symptoms of a gastrointestinal (stomach) disease in the past seven days

Diving Well Rules

  1. One person is permitted on the diving board at a time; divers must wait for previous diver to swim to the pool ladder before climbing the high dive ladder
  2. One bounce only before jumping or diving
  3. Divers must dive straight down – not out!
  4. Diving board users must exit the pool quickly; no idling on ladders
  5. Low diving board users shall use the ladder near the lifeguard stand and high diving board users shall use the ladder near the pavilion
  6. One person on the ladder at a time.
  7. Diving board tension will remain at the highest tension at all times (accept during Dive Team practice)
  8. High Diving Board users can only jump straight forward. Jumping towards the walls is not permitted
  9. No sitting on the diving board
  10. Only feet first entry into the water from the high diving board is permitted; anyone who enters the water head first will lose swimming privileges for the remainder of the day

Band Rules – Baby Pool

  1. Banded children are not allowed in baby pool. If a banded child is playing and/or babysitting an un-banded child this is permitted only at the lifeguard’s discretion
  2. Children should be removed if activities become too rough

Band Rules – Main Pool

  1. Un-banded children in the shallow end must be being watched by an attentive parent or responsible adult who is in the water or sitting on the apron at the edge of the pool. The responsible adult is an adult with swimming abilities. The adult may NOT be reading or chatting
  2. Un-banded children are allowed in the deep end (not diving well) only with a parent in the water by his or her side

Band Rules -Diving Well

  1. Children 13 and under must have a low or high band to swim in the diving well
  2. Children with low bands may go off the low dive only when accompanied by an attentive, responsible adult
  3. Children with high bands are allowed full access

*Low Band Test: swim 1 length of the pool freestyle then tread water for 30 seconds
*High Band Test: swim 2 lengths of the pool freestyle then tread water for 30 seconds
*Any child under 13 years old must take a band test. While swimming, children must be able to get their arms out of the water (no doggie paddle) and put their faces in the water