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Wenonah Waverunners

2016 Season


  1. Tri-County swimming is meant to be fun and competitive.  The coaching staff will be very energetic, and will work hard to help your swimmers reach their full potential.

  2. Practices – All coaches will get in the water with the younger swimmers throughout the season.  Starting tomorrow, practices must be attended on a regular basis.  If you will be missing practice, the coaching staff needs to know about.  If you are not in the pool practicing, do not expect to be in the “A” meets.  If it can be avoided please do not schedule vacations during the swim season.  There is the entire month of August.  If we are to achieve our goals as a team, we all need to be here throughout the season.

  3. Discipline – I expect swimmers of all ages to be respectful of all three coaches at all times.  We have a highly qualified coaching staff that is going to work very hard to improve our swimmers.  That becomes more difficult if a few feel like they do not have to listen to instructions.

  4. Saturday Morning Clinics – On June 5th and June 11th we will hold optional swim clinics.  Times will be announced during the week.  The clinics will cover all of the strokes, starts, turns, and finishes.

  5. Time Trials – The team’s time trial will be held June 19th.  One week before our seasons starts.

  6. Practice Groups - Swimmers will swim in the groups that are appropriate for their ability as a swimmer.  As the coach I will make the decisions whether someone should be swimming in a different group.  Convenience will not determine where a swimmer will practice.

  7. Assistant Coaches – The coaches will work together to make this season a success.  They will be expected to assist me in writing lineups, practices, running meets, and pep rallies.  Assistant coaches will update our bulletin board, best times list, and anything else that is needed during the season.

  8. USA Swimming - There will be some swimmers practicing with GPAC throughout the summer.  As long as these swimmers are in for practice on a regular basis, the coaching staff is ok with it.  As a part of GPAC, I will be working together with the other coaches to ensure that they will be trained properly.  These swimmers will be required to be at certain practices. 

  9. “B” Meets –  Parents or swimmers will sign themselves up for 1 or 2 events that they have not already qualified for.   The coaching staff will place you in relays.  You need to sign up by the end of the day on the Tuesday before the meet.  If you cannot make the meet don’t sign up. 

  10. “A” Meets – Any and all times that are recorded will count towards a position for “A” meets.  The best times will be updated and posted after every meet.  Best time gets the spot. 

  11. Meet Lineup – Every Friday before “A” meets, the coaching staff will sit down with the age groups and announce who will be swimming in the meet.  All swimmers on the team must attend practice on Fridays.  Parents are welcome to join the team as we go over the lineup.  After lineup we will prepare for the meet; working on starts, turns, and relays.

  12. Running the Meets – Meets cannot be run without the help of our parents.  During the meet, the coaches will be in charge of the swimmers and their races.  We will need the help of the parents to make the meets run smoothly.  There are numerous things that you can volunteer for to help out during meets; Timing, working the scorers table, passing out cards, and much more.

  13. Atmosphere – I feel that my enthusiasm and my ability to motivate are my biggest assets as a coach.  I am a big believer that the swimmers feed off the energy of the coaching staff and the parents.   I have already put together ideas to keep the energy level very high during pep rallies, practices, and meets.   I have new cheers, team activities, practical jokes, and a surprise for all home “A” meets.


Thank You,

Head Coach Chris Dalsey