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Denise Meyers

  Denise has been a member of the Wenonah family for years and continues to keep the club running smoothly all summer long! Her bio and photo are coming soon.


     • Large “L” shaped main pool. Main swimming area is 25         meters long (Official length for Tri-County         Swimming) with ladders and one set of removable         steps.
     • 2 lap lanes for laps, band testing, and swimming lessons.
     • Shallow end is 3 feet deep gradually increasing to 5 feet         at the deep well end.
     • Diving well has 1 meter and 3 meter boards (One of the         last “high dives” in Tri-County)
     • Life Guards, utilizing two life guard stands, monitor the         pool at all times when swimmers are in the water.
     • Multiple round tables, each with an umbrella for shade,         and 4-5 chairs each, sit on the grassy border near the         shallow and deep ends of the pool. There are no chairs         permitted on the pool deck.
     • Individual Lounge chairs are positioned at various places            on the grass bordering the pool

     • A nice size baby pool is enclosed with its own fenced in        area with four child-proof gates.
     • Water depth ranges from 1 foot to 2½ feet. There is a        floating rope that indicates deeper water.
     • A life guard, in a small life guard stand, monitors the baby        pool at all times when children are in the pool. Parents of        children are required to be on the edge of the pool at all        times when their child is in the water.
     • Multiple round tables, each with an umbrella for shade,        and 4-5 chairs each, sit on the grassy border surrounding        the baby pool. Low to the ground, individual chairs, border        two sides of the pool.


   • Entrance: Includes personalized check-in and guest      registration.

   • Manager’s / Guard Office:
        o Any questions or concerns? This is where you can                  always find a Manager, Assistant Manager, or Guard to            help you.
        o First Aid Center: All Managers and Guards are certified            in Life Saving, First Aid and CPR Come by for: Insect            Bites? We have an ointment to apply. Cuts or            scratches? We have band aids and antibacterial creams            and sprays. Prevention? We have “OFF” to prevent            insect bites.

   • Snack Bar: Run by Hawk's Deli, our snack bar is the            best around!
        o Hours 11am – 8pm (Hours are approximate and may be            changed)
        o For more information and their Menu see the Snack Bar            section of our web site!

   • Newly Renovated Women’s Room
        o Hot Showers, 2 Changing Areas, & Baby Changing Table

   • Men’s Room
        o Hot Showers, Large Changing Area, & Baby Changing            Table

   • Equipment Room – Rent Equipment for all kinds of            activities including:

        o Shuffle Board (Sticks and Disks)
        o Basketball
        o Tennis (Racket and Ball)
        o Ping-Pong (Paddles) - Balls may be purchased for 25¢
        o Horseshoes
        o Volleyball
        o Soccer ball
        o Wiffle Ball and Bat
           Note: Rentals require a $1.00 deposit that is refunded                                     upon equipment return.

     • Large screen house (Reservations accepted for birthdays,        parties,etc.) When you want to get out of the elements.        It contains picnic tables, some round tables and chairs,        and the ping-pong table.
     • Parties may set up “shop” in screen house, but members        are allowed continued use of ping-pong equipment and        open tables.

     • 5 Gas Grills in South Picnic Grove (By Volleyball Court)
     • All Grills are available during club hours. Knobs and grill        lighters are available in the Manager’s office (Please return        to office when done grilling). Grills and Picnic Tables do not        need to be reserved and are available on a first come first        serve basis. Members are asked to time and space on busy        holiday weekends.

     • Open air pavilion overlooks the main pool. This is a small        area has a few round tables and chairs. Not for parties or        large groups!
     • Also functions as a scoring, ribbon writing and announcing        area during swim meets.

     • Volleyball Court (Sand)
     • Tennis Courts (2)
     • Basketball Court (Full Court)
     • Shuffle Board Courts (2) with Official Scoreboard
     • Playground Equipment Sets (2)
     • Sandbox
     • Wall Ball (Handball & Tennis Wall) Court
     • Open Grass Fields (2) for any kind of games or ball play
     • Horseshoe Pits

Large parking lot with 80+ Parking Spaces. Private Entrance from N. Stockton Avenue and Private Exit onto N. Princeton Avenue.